BWM Mediasoft
About the Company

Founded in 1998 in Romania, BWM Mediasoft Group is nowadays present in Luxembourg, France and Romania, covering a wide range of activities in the IT & C field, the most important being that of e - commerce.

BWM Mediasoft is one the first IT companies in Romania that has opened branches abroad (in Marseille - France on February 2002) in order to be closer to its customers from Western Europe, especially to improve the future development of e-commerce platforms in the European Union.

Currently, BWM Mediasoft acts primarily on the European market for online software sales (but not only, it also has collaborations with companies outside the IT & C field), having 14 years of experience in this segment.

The corporate headquarters is located in Luxembourg.


We consider that BWM Mediasoft has progressed rapidly: the online environment is part of our lives  more and more. It is an irreversible and an ascending process. That is why we want to bring it closer to everyone, regardless of location, age or training. For this reason we want to shape it in a more friendly, accessible and useful way. And we succeed! Every day!


Our mission is to become the most admired, innovative, searched and successful software distributor (and more) from Europe. We want to gain and maintain top positions in terms of delivery speed to clients and partners, virtual stores diversity and geographical coverage.
We want our services to become a barometer both for our customers as well as for our partners. We will continuously improve the technology, so as to bring innovation, to be different and unique.
We successfully managed to put clients in touch with our partners and we continue to do the same as well as possible.


Client oriented
- we offer our clients simple and effective products. We understand their needs, we anticipate and answer them as fast, flexible and comprehensive as possible. Every satisfied customer is another step to success!

Partner oriented – The partner’s objective is also ours. We contribute to their success on all markets where we act.

The team - We respect each other, we continuously develop our skills and take responsibility for our actions. We all want to perform and BWM Mediasoft’s organizational culture encourages that. BWM Mediasoft success results from our trust in people and team.

Professionalism - We do not limit to things well done. We want to do them better! We have the necessary expertise, resources and desire to obtain immediate and measurable results. We are guided by management based on clearly defined objectives and our business processes are clearly defined.

Integrity and professional ethics – we are honest, fair and transparent with our customers and partners. We are always direct and we respect the rules of the game. Business ethics is fundamental for us, because only this way we can develop sustainable relations. All our partners have given us their trust and we do our best to preserve it.

Innovation - Sometimes a simple idea can assure the success of a project. We always encourage the initiative and the innovation of our services.

Founder and CEO: Mr. Casius Morea

Why choosing BWM Mediasoft ?

  • 9 years of expertise in Electronic Software Distribution and e-commerce technology platforms
  • The core systems and download servers are located in Tier IV data centers in Luxembourg. This ensure the high availability of all our services, security for all the stored information, permanent update and backup;
  • Own developed technology, that gives us flexibility and control of our applications
  • Our e-commerce platform allow us either to develop e-shops from scratch or to replicate the existing ones, only in few days
  • Experienced development and testing team, certified for most used programming tools
  • Expertise in designing simple, efficient and ergonomic shops, able to serve the client in just few clicks, keep the attention and clarify all the questions
  • Dedicated customer support teams, for every market we act in, ready to solve the clients’ requests, both before and after sales
  • IP geo located e-shops that target only a specific market or region, accordingly with the distribution agreements with the publishers
  • Focus on security and reliability

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