Distribution Platform

Multi-brand stores, where the visitors may benefit from the diversity of products and services. Clients can find a wide range of products, compare the prices, choose between different special offers. The visitors save time by purchasing more products from a single place. Usually, this is the place for customers that are not yet decided, try to get informed and choose the best value for money.

The multi-brand stores are the places where producers meet each other and offer their products to online customers. The distribution platforms may also be developed under a certain theme or category: security solutions e-shop, software for Mac e-shops, software for mobiles etc.

BWM Mediasoft has in-house designers, developers and testers that can build original designs and ergonomic online stores that could offer a wide and clear image about all the offered products.

Our distribution platforms are designed in such way that can put together the supply and demand, in a both-ways successful manner.

All the brands are showed as equal, have the possibility to communicate their offer and advantages to the visitors and potential customers.

From these platforms, emailing campaigns and newsletters can be disseminated to our subscribers databases.

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